Vigolo RAPTOR Heavy Duty High Body Mulcher

Vigolo Raptor Heavy Duty High Body Mulcher

The RAPTOR heavy duty high body mulcher is ideal for Gorse, Broom, Matagouri, Kikuyu and general clearing and topping. It features the large diameter rotor, 6 belt drive, hardox inner liner and is the most heavy-duty high body mulcher available in NZ in the single drive configuration. All Vigolo high body mulchers are fitted with a high back bar. This gives a full open back on the mulcher so that there is nothing for material to build up on and block the back of the mulcher or drop large clumps everywhere. In addition, the open back is great for backing in to larger vegetation that you don’t want to drive the tractor over.

Vigolo Mulchers are built in Italy with a strong emphasis on quality. They are also manufactured to Agriline specs for NZ conditions, making them the ideal mulcher for our conditions. Over the last decade they have proven themselves to be the best flail mulcher for both the job they do and their strength and reliability. There are hundreds of Vigolo mulchers throughout the country that are standing the test of time in even the harshest conditions.

Mulchers are superior to any other machine for topping due to getting better regrowth from the fine mulch. Also, their rugged construction will make them outlast other toppers.

  • Large diameter rotor – Gives better momentum.
  • 180 HP Rating.
  • Single drive, 6 Belts driving
  • Double row of chains in The front for better protection.
  • Over-run clutch in gearbox – Gives maximum length driveshaft.
  • Heavy duty construction – Built to last!
  • Triple Y flail – Fine mulch & easy to drive
  • Available in 2m, 2.3m, 2.5m, 2.8m & 3m wide
  • 273mm Rotor with Flail Protection Plates
  • Wide Hardox skids standard
  • Large 273mm Roller
  • Abrasion resistant hood-liner

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Vigolo RAPTOR Heavy Duty High Body Mulcher

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