Fixed Tooth Excavator Mulcher | Picursa Retro Tekken | 18-30T Excavators

Picursa Retro Tekken Fixed Tooth Excavator Mulcher.

The RETRO TEKKEN fixed tooth excavator mulcher is specially designed to shred branches, small trees, tree stumps and debris from tree-felling. Its design enables it to be mounted onto any model of excavator or backhoe. It is equipped with special alloy hammers with carbide tips that make them more resistant and harder-wearing. As a result, the Retro-Tekken is very low maintenance. The special positioning of the hammers on the rotor produces very fine shredding and the shredded material is evenly spread over the terrain. Skid runners for height adjustment. Manually controlled hinged hood. Very solid and sturdily built.

Well proven mulcher in New Zealand

Due to the top-quality components, heavy duty construction and long-lasting carbide teeth, the Picursa Retro-Tekken mulcher has very low running costs and will last for many years even in the toughest of environments. Picursa has been well proven in New Zealand, with a large number of their mulchers working in many different applications throughout the country. Picursa has being manufacturing mulchers in Spain for many decades. Therefore, they are experts in these types of machines.

An Excavator mulcher is the ideal way to get another use out of your digger. The are ideal for clearing the side of banks, clearing all types of scrub and gorse, dealing to forestry slash or trimming shelterbelts. The specialists at Agriline can recommend the ideal mulcher for your machine. In addition to this, they will assist with getting the mulcher set up on your excavator and can supply custom made hitches where applicable.

  • 300mm Fixed Tooth Rotor (540mm O/A)
  • 90mm Rotor Shaft
  • Hydraulic Piston Motor
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Fixed Hammer with Spiral Layout
  • Chain Front Curtain
  • Kevlar Fibre Belts
  • Suited for 18-30Ton plus Machines
  • Optional foot on hitch

Agriline will coordinate set-up on your excavator.

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View video of the Retro Tekken in action.

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Fixed Tooth Excavator Mulcher | Picursa Retro Tekken | 18-30T Excavators

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