Picursa Retro Forestal - For 14-24T Excavators

The RETRO FORESTAL boom mounted mulcher for excavator is specially designed to shred pruned branches, small trees and debris from tree-felling and scrub clearance. Its design enables it to be mounted onto any model of excavator or backhoe and comes with a hydraulic motor that depends on the litres of oilflow and pressure of each machine. It is equipped with a rotor containing three rows of swinging hammers that are concealed inside the rotor to protect them from strong impacts from tree trunks or stones, lengthening the useful life of the hammers. The special positioning of the hammers on the rotor produces very fine shredding and the shredded material is evenly spread over the terrain. Skid runners for height adjustment. Manually controlled hinged hood. Very solid and sturdily built.

  • 420mm Rotor
  • 90mm Rotor Shaft
  • Piston Motor
  • 360 Degree Swinging Hammer Flails
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Chain Front Curtain
  • Kevlar Fibre Belts
  • For 14-24Ton Machines

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Picursa Retro Forestal – For 14-24T Excavators

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