Picursa Hammer-T Fixed Tooth Forestry Mulcher/Stump Grinder

Picursa Hammer-T Stump Grinder Tiller

The HAMMER-T Stump Grinder Tiller is especially designed to cut stumps of plantations and rows of stumps of all types of trees in the severest conditions up to a depth of 40 to 45 cm. It can continue working under ground between the stumps, leaving the soil prepared for fresh sowing or planting of trees. This mulcher is designed for use with the most powerful tractors and for the most demanding customers. It is equipped with special alloy hammers with hard metal tips that make them more resistant and harder wearing. The special positioning of the hammers on the rotor produces very fine shredding and the shredded material is evenly spread over the terrain. Very solid and sturdily built.

  • 300mm Rotor (750 O/A)
  • For stumps up to 200mm round
  • Suits tractors from 130-250HP
  • 100mm Rotor Axle
  • Impact Resistant Steel Body
  • Replaceable Wear-Resistant Body Liner
  • 85mm Tooth Drive Belts
  • Over-run clutch in gearbox
  • Available in 530mm, 730mm & 830mm

Picursa are a well proven machine in New Zealand with dozens of machines working throughout the country in a variety of different applications. As a result you can have the confidence that they work in NZ conditions and they are well supported and backed up.

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Picursa Hammer-T Fixed Tooth Forestry Mulcher/Stump Grinder

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