Picursa Hammer-S Tiller Mulcher 250-450HP

The HAMMER-S forestry mulcher tiller is especially designed for the preparation of soil, grinding stumps and roots of up to 60 cm. in diameter. It will work up to a depth of 40 to 45 cm. With the hydraulically controlled roller it will leave the optimal result for sowing or planting without any additional process. This mulcher is designed for use with the most powerful tractors and for the most demanding customers. It is equipped with carbide tipped hammers that are extremely tough and hard-wearing. The special positioning of the hammers on the rotor produces very fine shredding and the shredded material is evenly spread over the terrain. The Hammer-S Mulcher Tiller has a hydraulically controlled hinged hood. 

  • 300mm Rotor (750mm O/A)
  • 100mm Rotor Axle
  • 450HP Rated
  • Impact Resistant Steel Body
  • Replaceable Wear-Resistant Body Liner
  • 120mm Tooth Drive Belts
  • Clutches on Side-shafts
  • Available in 2.2m, 2.4m & 2.6m
  • Hydraulic Tailgate
  • Hydraulic Roller

Uses for the Hammer-S Forestry Mulcher Tiller

Ex Forestry Blocks and Tree Lanes – Clear Slash, Stumps and Roots with ease

Peat Blocks – Mulch Bog-wood below the surface.

Stump Grinding – Very fast tidy and efficient stump removal

Cultivation – Ideal one pass cultivation with the ability to work very deep if required.


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Picursa Hammer-S Tiller Mulcher 250-450HP

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