Vigolo FALCON High Body Flail Mulcher

Vigolo Falcon Flail Mulcher

The Vigolo FALCON high body flail mulcher is ideal for Grass, Kikuyu, sticks, crop residue and general clearing and topping. Vigolo Mulchers are built in Italy with a strong emphasis on quality. In addition to this, they are manufactured to Agriline specs for NZ conditions, making them the ideal mulcher for NZ. The FALCON is the smallest of the Vigolo high body mulcher range, but with its 170mm rotor, forged flail lugs and high-quality build, they are still an industry leading mulcher. It is one of the only high body mulchers that can be run on compact tractors. The high body makes the mulcher far more efficient to run, as the large chamber can process much more material through it than a low body mulcher.

Vigolo mulchers have been well proven in New Zealand over many years, with hundreds of machines working in many different applications throughout the country. As a result, you can have the confidence that you are purchasing a machine that is suited to the New Zealand conditions.

The Vigolo FALCON Flail Mulcher has an unparalleled clear open back on them making it virtually impossible for material to build up at the back on the machine.

Mulchers are superior to any other machine for topping due to getting better regrowth from the fine mulch. In addition to this, their rugged construction will make them outlast other toppers.

  • 170mm Diameter Rotor
  • Rated for tractors from 30 – 100HP
  • Steel front protection flaps
  • Over-run Clutch in Gearbox – Gives maximum length driveshaft.
  • Heavy Duty Construction – Built to last!
  • Triple Y Flail – Fine mulch & easy to drive
  • Available in 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m and 2.2m
  • 4 Belts Driving
  • 194mm Roller

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Vigolo FALCON High Body Flail Mulcher

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