Vigolo RSA/R Dual Mount Orchard Mulcher

Vigolo Dual Mount Orchard Mulcher.

The RSA/R is the heaviest duty dual mount orchard mulcher on the market. It is perfect for the large-scale orchards and those doing large diameter wood. The dual headstock and double output gearbox makes it very quick and simple to change from the rear to the front of the tractor. The RSA models have a unique shaped end on them to protect trees etc from sharp edges on the mulcher. The specially designed hammers makes the mulcher easier to drive as well as doing a significantly better job.

Vigolo Orchard mulchers are very heavy-duty machines, they do a brilliant job both mulching your prunings and mowing your grass. Their robust construction, large rotors, heavy duty hammer flails and high horsepower rating makes these mulchers the best in their class. Vigolo mulchers are well proven in New Zealand with hundreds of their mulchers working in many different applications through the country.


  • ¬†Rated up to 120HP
  • 5 Belts Driving
  • Large 194mm Rotor
  • Triple or Hammer Flail
  • Over-run clutch in gearbox
  • Hydraulic side-shift
  • Chains or flaps in front
  • Large rear roller
  • Abrasion resistant hood liner
  • Shaped end for working close to obstructions.
  • Dual hitch for front or rear mount
  • Available from 1.6 – 2.5m Wide

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Vigolo RSA/R Dual Mount Orchard Mulcher

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