New Zealands Mulcher Specialists

New Zealands Mulcher Specialists

Here at Agriline we are NZs go to company for any type of mulcher. We have the largest range of mulchers available in New Zealand. Mike Hamlin the founder of our company has been dealing with mulchers for over 3 decades and has had experience over this time with many brands and types of mulchers. This wealth of knowledge has allowed Agriline to pick out the most efficient and strongest brands of mulchers for NZ conditions.

We have a huge range of options of mulchers for both tractors and excavators. Whether you have a lifestyle block, vineyard, orchard, farm or are a contractor we will have a mulcher to suit your needs. Our mulcher range includes low body mulchers, high body mulchers, forestry mulchers, as well as stump grinders etc.

Low Body Mulchers

RSA-MAX Low profile mulcher

Agriline stocks a range of low body mulcher from Vigolo in Italy, these machines range from 1m to 3.2m wide and have models that are suitable for lifestyle farmer through to the tough demands of large-scale orchards and vineyards. In addition to this there is a range of specialist orchard and vineyard mulchers from Picursa in Spain through Agriline.

High Body Agricultural Mulchers

Heavy Duty Mulcher | Vigolo Raptor DT

The Vigolo range of high body mulchers includes some of the most versatile machines available on the market with machine for tractors from 30-320HP, starting at 1.3m wide and going up to 6.4m wide.  They have a large range of applications from topping grass and thistles, clearing crop stubble and winter feed residue, clearing gorse and scrub, and mulching tree prunings. While most high body mulchers are only built for crop residue, Vigolo high body mulchers are designed and built from the factory to Agriline specs to handle the different tasks they are used for in New Zealand.

Swinging Hammer Forestry Mulcher

Vigolo 360 swinging hammer forestry mulcher

Agriline has a range of swinging hammer forestry mulchers from both Vigolo and Picursa, these machines are great on Gorse and scrub as well as small trees and prunings. The hammers on these mulchers can spin 360 degrees so can back out of the way for foreign objects or in the material is too big.

Fixed Tooth Forestry Mulchers

Heavy Duty Fixed Tooth Forestry Mulcher

Here at Agriline we stock an extensive range of fixed tooth forestry mulchers from Picursa in Spain, they are available for tractors from 70HP through to 600HP. The fixed carbide teeth are extremely efficient and long lasting. They are excellent in anything from gorse and scrub through to trees, stumps, and forestry slash.

Mulcher For Excavators

We have a large range of Picursa excavator mounted mulchers with both swinging hammers and fixed carbide teeth. In the range there are mulchers for machines from 1.5ton through to 30ton. Available in a range of widths and configurations, these are the ideal machines to get some extra use out of your excavator.

There is a huge number of different configurations of mulchers, and it is highly important to get the right mulcher for your application as the wrong machine can be both costly and waste a lot of time. So, if you are looking for a mulcher, contact the friendly specialists at Agriline for a demo so you can purchase with the confidence you will get the right machine up front.

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