10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Vigolo Mulcher

  1. Versatility.

    Vigolo high body mulchers are an extremely versatile tool for any farmer or contractor, they can be used for anything from clearing scrub or rushes and cleaning up tree prunings through to topping grass or mulching crop residue. They do a great job on the small jobs and are tough enough to handle the big ones.

  2. Wide Hardox Skids.

    These skids are designed here in NZ for our conditions they give the mulcher fantastic ground following abilities without tearing the ground up too badly. They also can carry the machine on their own if they are not using a roller. Their high wear resistance gives them great durability even in tough abrasive conditions.

  3. Large Diameter Rear Rollers.

    The rear rollers on the Vigolo mulchers give great contour following and have good strength for our harsh conditions. The large diameter allows for a large bearing and slows the RPM down for longer bearing life. The roller’s bearing also have a unique labyrinth sealing system that ensures the bearing is well sealed and protected.

  4. Full Length Adjustable Tailgate.

    The tailgates on all Vigolo high body mulchers are full length and adjustable this is ideal as you can have them fully open which works well in most situations as it means the material can flow out the back making for lower HP requirement. The tailgate can also be shut partway or right down for a fine mulch or for safety when working close to roads or buildings

  5. High HP Ratings.

    Due to the increase in big tractors that are around now, many mulchers are falling short on the HP ratings, Vigolo has the answer with machines rated up to 300HP. The high HP ratings are achieved with large heavy-duty gearboxes and plenty of belts driving with the top spec Raptor running 12 belts.

  6. A double row of front chains.

    The double row of chains in the front of all Vigolo mulchers blocks the debris from flying out the front of the mulcher. This gives excellent protection to you and your tractor saving downtime or injury.

  7. Large Diameter Rotor.

    The large rotors serve 2 main purposes, firstly the large diameter gives excellent strength and helps keep a good balance. The other is momentum, the big rotor creates a flywheel effect making it easier to drive and taking pain off the drivetrain.

  8. Heavy Duty Bodies.

    The mainframes of the Vigolo mulchers are built extra strong for NZ conditions giving excellent rigidity and strength. Some models come with a replaceable wear resistant body liner.

  9. 2 Year Warranty.

    All Vigolo high body mulchers are backed up with a 2-year warranty

  10. Excellent Back-Up.

    All mulchers are delivered and set up on your tractor by one of the experienced team members from Agriline. There is an extensive range of parts and accessories in stock in NZ for these mulchers.

View the range of Vigolo High body Mulchers Here

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