5 Reasons why you should use a mulcher for topping.

There are many different uses on your farm for a mulcher, one of these being topping. This article outlines the benefits of topping with a mulcher and dispels the myths about using mulchers for topping

  1. Finer Cut. A mulcher has a large number of blades traveling at very high speed giving an extremely fine mulch. This makes the cut material break down much faster making a valuable mulch that benefits the soil and micro-organisms in the soil.
  2. Better regrowth. Because of the horizontal rotor on a mulcher the residue tends to be forced to the bottom of the pasture rather than laying on top of good pasture. A mower leaves the cut material laying on top of the grass that is trying to regrow.
  3. No Windrowing. Mowers and slashers tend to window the grass or crop being topped. A mulcher spreads it and throws it back into the pasture vertically.
  4. Weed control. Chops up thistles and ragwort more finely and if mulched before flowering, can control them better.
  5. Lower maintenance. A mulcher has very few moving parts and is usually heavy construction which gives it longevity. It will cut dry grass and stalks very well and is not reliant on the ground or grass to cool it. A disc mower is designed to cut fresh grass and uses the green grass flowing over the bar to help cool the oil in it and therefore the bar.

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