What makes Vigolo Power Harrows Your Best Option for NZ Conditions?

Vigolo machinery is well known for its strength and build quality, one of their flagship products is the incredibly tough Vigolo Power Harrows. In this article we look at just a few of the points that set them apart.

Very Strong Build Quality

The strength of the Vigolo power harrows is 2nd to none, plenty of steel in the necessary places to give maximum strength for the tough NZ conditions.

Full Rotor Protection

The rotors on the Vigolo power harrows are totally enclosed to protect from stones wire and other debris that will damage seals and bearings etc.

Sliding Endplates

All Vigolo Power Harrows are fitted with sliding endplates to stop any spill-out giving you a perfect finish at any working depth, these endplates are also sprung outwards so they can absorb impact from rocks etc.

Heavy Duty Gearbed

The Vigolo power harrow gear-beds are the strongest in the industry, the design of the double channel gives excellent rigidity. Vigolo manufacture their gears in-house to ensure top quality product every time. The taper roller bearings in the bed are fully submerged in oil giving excellent bearing life with no need for greasing.


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