Vigolo Power Harrows Rural Contractor Editorial

Vigolo are setting the standard in power harrows, in both their reliability and their ability to produce an excellent job in even the most challenging of conditions. Agriline Ltd is the New Zealand importer for Vigolo and are very impressed with how these power harrows are performing in NZ conditions. Lets take a look at some of the features that keep Vigolo power harrows at the head of the pack.

Double Welded Channel Bed. The gear-bed in the Vigolo power harrows is made up of two channels welded on top of each other and then a top plate bolted on. This configuration gives maximum strength and rigidity. The heavy-duty gears in the bed are manufactured by Vigolo themselves for consistent quality and are case hardened for maximum life.

Taper Roller Bearings, Vigolo power harrows use a large double taper roller bearing system in the bed, meaning the bearings have a huge tolerance to side loading and impact. The other clear advantage of this system is that all the bearings are running in the oil, not relying on splash or greasing to keep them lubricated.

Cam Clutches. Agriline brings all Vigolo power harrows in with cam clutches fitted as standard. This is the best form of protection on a power harrow, as they automatically reset saving costly down-time. All folding Vigolo power harrows are fitted with the cam clutches on the side driveshafts. A single central cam clutch on a folding power harrow is not sufficient as the load has to go thru 2 gearboxes and a driveshaft in order to trip the clutch causing extra strain on everything and can cause enough of a delay to damage part of the driveline before the clutch has tripped. The double cam clutch system on the Vigolo protects your machines from this kind of issue.

Full Rotor Protection. All Vigolo power harrows bought into NZ are fitted with full rotor protection. This is a heavy folded plate that totally protects the bearings, seals and housings from stones, wire and string and as we all know keeping those seals in good order is one of the keys to power harrow reliability.

Close Rotor Spacings. The 240mm rotor spacing ensures sufficient tines to ensure a good job in all conditions, Vigolo also has a model with closer spacings again at 215mm, this is a specialist machine for market gardening situations where an extra fine seedbed is required.

Sprung Sliding Endplates. The Endplates on the Vigolo power harrows can slide vertically so they can automatically adjust to any working depth and keep any soil from spilling out. These heavy-duty endplates are also sprung horizontally to reduce impact from stones or clods.

High HP Ratings. Possibly one of the most important features, Vigolo has 200HP and 300HP rated options in flat power harrows and 320HP, 380HP and 500HP rated options in the Folding power harrows. It is highly important to ensure when you are buying a power harrow that you are buying one that is rated to take your tractor and having a bit of tolerance over and above is never a bad idea.

So if you are looking for a Power Harrow that will go the distance and do a good job every time, Vigolo is your best option. Contact Agriline on 0800 24 74 54 to find out more.

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