Vigolo Now NZs Favorite High Body Mulcher

The Vigolo high body mulchers have become NZs high body mulcher of choice, let’s take look at why these machines are so popular and why the have come the mulcher of choice for NZ farmers and contractors.

Heavy Duty Bodies

The build quality of these is second to none, they have increased steel thickness for NZ conditions making them the heaviest high body mulcher on the market. This gives you the confidence to mulch heavy material and

Fully Adjustable Tailgate

The tailgate is full length and can be set in various positions between right open and fully closed giving you the ability to shut down for a finer mulcher or for safety reasons and then opened up for mulching large bulk of material.

Large Rotors

Vigolo high body mulchers are all fitted with large diameter heavy walled rotors, this gives a couple of very important advantages. Firstly, it gives superior strength allowing you to mulch in harsh conditions without bending your rotor or putting it out of balance. Secondly it gives your more momentum with a flywheel effect allowing it to power through the tough spots without bogging down.

High Horsepower Ratings

Vigolo Have the highest HP rated flail mulchers on the market, with the TDF-DT series topping the range with a 300HP Rating, this is achieved with a heavy-duty gearbox with massive oil capacity and 12 v belts driving (6 each side).

Large Diameter Rear Rollers

The large diameter rollers on these mulchers give excellent contouring, and due to the size, they are obviously doing less RPM than a smaller one would be doing giving longer bearing life, the size of the roller also allows for a much bigger bearing which also extends its life.

These are just a few of the features of these fantastic mulchers but in order to see them all give us a call and request a demo.

North Island 09 777 3004, South Island 03 422 2242

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