Rural Contractor Article on Vigolo Mulchers December 2020

Vigolo mulchers built to handle NZ’s toughest

Vigolo high body mulchers are great multi-purpose machines that are ideal for New Zealand. They can deal to gorse, broom, matagouri, rushes and tree prunings, and they are also a brilliant option for topping pasture or mowing roadsides.

New Zealand distributor Agriline Ltd says Vigolo is an Italian company that continues to develop mulchers that are at the top of their game. They are the mulcher of choice for New Zealand farmers and contractors.

Agriline sales manager Gerry Hamlin says the strength and build quality of Vigolo mulchers are unparalleled.

“They are built from the best materials and have stood up to some of the harshest conditions New Zealand can throw at them.

“Several features make the Vigolo mulchers stand out as superior. These include their high horsepower ratings. Vigolo achieves this through large gearboxes and plenty of belts.

“Vigolo high body mulchers can be specified with six, eight or 12 belts in 180 hp, 240 hp or 300 hp ratings. Whilst these mulchers are still easy to drive with the smaller tractors it gives you peace of mind if you do need to run them on larger tractors.”

Another standout feature of Vigolo mulchers is their large-diameter rotors.

Gerry says the large rotors in the Vigolo mulchers serve two purposes. First, they create a flywheel effect that gives good momentum through the tough going.

Second, the large rotors provide a huge amount of strength, which allows Vigolo mulchers to be pushed to their limits without putting the rotor out of balance.

In addition, the large roller allows for bigger roller bearings. This means the roller is not rotating as fast, which greatly increases the life of the roller bearings.

A double row of front chains, gives extra protection to the tractor and operator. It prevents foreign objects being thrown through the front of the machine.

“The wide Hardox skids on Vigolo high body mulchers have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditions,” Gerry says. “The width and shape of them allows for excellent contour following in undulating ground.”

Agriline offers the best warranty of any mulcher on the market with Vigolo high body mulchers. It is known as their 2, 3, 4 warranty. It provides full cover for two years which includes drive belts. The roller bearings are covered for three years, and the rotor has a four-year warranty (which is insurance against the rotor going out of balance or bending).

Obviously, this warranty is subject to the mulcher being used within recommended guidelines and horsepower rating.

Agriline has a huge amount of experience with mulchers and it has worked with Vigolo to perfect their mulchers for New Zealand conditions.

Agriline stocks the largest range of mulchers in the country. The range includes agricultural mulchers, orchard mulchers, forestry mulchers and excavator-mounted mulchers.

So if you are looking for a mulcher of any description call Agriline on 0800 24 74 54.

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