Canterbury Farming Picursa Forestry Mulcher Article

The Picursa forestry mulchers from Spain have been proving their worth in the tough New Zealand conditions. South Island based Agriline Ltd brings in both the excavator mounted and tractor driven forestry mulchers from Picursa.

The majority of the Picursa mulchers are fitted with fixed tungsten carbide teeth giving them the ability to tackle large diameter wood and also they have low running costs due to the excellent wearability – Many machines have done thousands of hours on a set of points. There is also an option of a 360° swinging hammer on a large range of the Picursa mulchers.

The strength of the Picursa mulchers is unparalleled in their field, their heavy-duty bodies are built from high grade steels, and the rotors are large diameter and heavy walled to give them maximum strength. The drivelines in these mulchers are built to take high HP tractor with the largest machines being rated at over 600HP. The Picursa mulchers have been extensively put to the test in both hire and with contractors and they have stood up to everything that has been thrown at them.

While most of the forestry mulchers in the range are largely for work down to ground-level Picursa has some forestry mulcher/tillers in their range. These machines can work up to 450mm in the ground. These are ideal for stumps, old forestry blocks and dealing with bogwood, leaving behind a beautiful, cultivated finish.

The fixed tooth Picursa tractor mounted mulcher has a specially designed tooth pattern giving them the ability to mulch large diameter wood with lower horsepower requirement than would normally be expected. Their design also makes them incredibly efficient in smaller material such as gorse as the fixed tooth rotors can process this very fast.

The Picursa excavator mulchers are also proving a very good option for the earthmoving and forestry contractors. They are extremely heavy duty and built using top quality steel and hydraulic motors. These are also available with the option of fixed or 360° swinging hammers. The tough construction of these mulcher makes them an outstanding performer, as life for a mulcher on the end of a digger boom is not the easiest and you can count on Picursa to go the distance in even the toughest of conditions.

Agriline Ltd is a machinery company that specializes in land development/maintenance and cultivation machinery. Alongside their range of top quality cultivation machinery, sprayers and stone crushers, one of the main lines in the Agriline range is mulchers including the ever popular Vigolo machines. They have the largest range of mulchers in New Zealand and have the expertise to recommend the correct mulcher for any given situation whether it be for Agriculture, Forestry, Orchards, Vineyards or municipal use.

So if you need a mulcher or advice about mulching call Agriline on 0800 24 74 54.

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