Vigolo RSA Heavy Duty Orchard Mulcher

Vigolo RSA-MAX Heavy Duty Orchard Mulcher

Vigolo Orchard mulchers are very heavy-duty machines, and the RSA-MAX is the most heavy duty orchard mulcher of them all. The RSA has a specially designed hammer that will maintain a sharp edge right through its life. They will do a brilliant job both mulching your prunings and mowing your grass. It is a top spec mulcher with many features including hydraulic side shift and triple layer body standard. The RSA-MAX features a molded outside edge on it to prevent damage to trees if the mulcher makes contact. Their robust construction, wear resistant body liners and large diameter rotors and high horsepower rating makes these mulchers the best in their class. The Vigolo RSA is the strongest Orchard/Vineyard mulcher on the market and it is ideally suited to larger orchards or those in extremely tough conditions.

The RSA-MAX is also available in a super low-profile option.


  • Rated up to 120HP (180HP over 2.5m)
  • 5 Belts Driving
  • Large 194mm Rotor
  • Triple or Hammer Flail
  • Over-run clutch in gearbox
  • Hydraulic side-shift
  • Chains or flaps in front
  • Large rear roller
  • Abrasion resistant hood liner
  • Shaped end for working close to obstructions
  • Available from 1.6 – 3.2m Wide

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Vigolo RSA Heavy Duty Orchard Mulcher

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