SAM Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

New Zealand’s favourite spreader.

Known for practical design and easy to use operation, SAM Fertiliser Spreaders are developed from over 70 years’ experience. The features in today’s machines are the benchmark for fertiliser spreading throughout New Zealand.

Choose a SAM Spreader for extreme reliability and mega-solid construction. They provide an accurate spread pattern, with ease of operation and fast spare-parts servicing.

SAM Fertiliser Spreaders are capable of spreading all chemical fertiliser. Including; superphosphate, urea and lime between 40kg – 2500kg/hectare. With spreading widths of up to 20m (superphosphate).

They are available in single or tandem axle with capacities of 4, 5, 6 and 8 tonne. All come standard with a 400mm wide floor-belt.

Keep it simple with a standard hydraulic clutch to ground drive, or upgrade to the latest smart, accurate computer control system with weigh scales.

More stainless for longevity

Majority stainless at the rear of the machine, extends longevity of gear where you need it most. The stainless discs are run via enclosed stainless spinner tubes and two well-proven hydraulic motors. Easily adjustable tapered roller bearings keep disks tight.

Corrosion resistant paintwork

All chassis’s on SAM Spreaders have seen a new evolution of painting procedure. This is for extra corrosion protection. Firstly a steel grit abrasive blast then a thermal-arc pure zinc spray, a primer followed by a final two-pot epoxy top-coat. It is mega tough stuff!

Strong plastic bin

The polyethelyne plastic bin has proven to be extremely reliable. They are strong, corrosion resistant and UV-stabilised. Fertiliser also slips down the sides and washes off easily when you are cleaning your gear.

Even, accurate spread

The SAM twin spinner disc design gives an accurate and consistent spread pattern across a range of products. Quick and simple rate setting is by adjusting the rear door.

Load weigh scales

You can add scales to your spreader. This gives simple, accurate electronic weighing of your fertiliser. The scales can be zeroed out any time.

Computer control system

You can also add a computer control system to replace the standard ground drive. This gives hydraulic floor speed rate and control. More info below

Less cleaning with mudguards!

Mudguards are moulded from UV-stabilised polyethylene, and resistant to most chemical and organic fertilisers. Debris chips to the chassis and running gear are reduced and less cleaning required. Mudguards come standard on all tandem axle models below 8 tonne.

Patterned rubber floor-belt (400mm wide)

Provides a positive non-slip feed of fertiliser onto the spinner discs. A patterned two-ply rubber floor-belt is riveted to hot-dip galvanised steel bars, welded to high-tensile chain. Stainless skirts run alongside.

Swivel coupling adds stability

Smaller spreaders come standard with a fixed coupling. The 6, 8 and 9 tonne spreaders come standard with a heavy-duty swivel coupling. They are great for varied terrain. You can choose a donut eye for coupling with a quick hitch or the insert option for tractor coupling.

App for verifying rates

A great check against your back door setting to verify exactly what you are spreading. This is for use with Spreaders fitted with load cells. Contact us and we will send you the link. Currently Android only.

The SAM fertiliser spreader has been a favourite of NZ farmers for years.

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SAM Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

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