Giltrap Widetrac Trailed Spreader

Farmers have a new favourite spreader!

The Giltrap Widetrac Spreader is tough and durable to take the knocks and survive the corrosive environment of fertiliser. Easy to set up and use, and switch to different application rates quickly with no fuss. They have minimal wearing parts so just a quick to service when you have to. A wide belt that can handle pretty much every product you’ll ever need to spread. And of course, stunning good looks!

And it’s smart!

All you have to do is decide on a spreading rate, driving width and fertiliser density. Enter these 3 settings on the front control panel of the machine and then drive away. A scrolling display shows you the chosen settings and the rear spinner speed. Start and stop spreading with a remote control button from your tractor seat, and the belt speed and rear gate height will adjust automatically to suit your ground speed, and accurately deliver the rate you asked for.

Built-in strength and corrosion protection

A rigid internal steel superstructure provides strength and support for the double-skinned polyethylene bin where it counts and is cleverly hidden away from sight, and the corrosive fertiliser environment.

The business end of the spreader has extra corrosion and wear resistance, with stainless diverter plates and dividers to deliver an even flow of fertiliser on to stainless spinner discs, with replaceable stainless spinner flights, and stainless deflector shields.

Zero Belt Slip

An 8mm thick rubber belt is riveted on to steel bars which are welded to calibrated high tensile chains, and positively driven by high tensile cast sprockets. The entire chain and steel bar assembly is hot dipped galvanised after welding for corrosion resistance. Simple stainless steel tensioning adjusters keep everything running smoothly.

No Limits

The spreader belt is really wide at 780mm and has a special cleat pattern to grip product and transfer it to the rear spinners. This means that you can spread virtually any product which will flow. Spread chemical fertilisers such as superphosphate, urea or lime, or go the organic path with poultry manure or compost, with spreading rates between 40kg – 5000kg/hectare. With a range of sizes you can choose a Giltrap Widetrac Spreader that fits your operation.

Available in 4 Tonne, 6 Tonne and 8 Tonne.

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Giltrap Widetrac Trailed Spreader

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