Vogal EX500 Fert Spreader

Vogal Mag Spreader – The Spreadmax 500

The EX500 is the ultimate in ATV and quad bike tow-behind fertiliser spreaders. It features a double shutter plate to regulate the spread pattern to the left or right by altering the fertiliser drop position – this is a feature normally reserved for larger bulk spreaders.

Heavy Duty Hopper

Vogal Spreadmax hoppers are made from thick heavy duty UV resistant plastic. This helps it cope with the harsh extremes in the New Zealand environment. They are braced with solid galvanised steel side arms.

Multiple Spinner Fins

The Vogal Spreadmax 500 features 3 fins on the spreading disc to ensure optimal spreading of both powdered products such as Causmag and lime flour along with standard prilled fertilisers.

Dual Triangular Apertures

Dual triangular apertures enable the even spreading of a vast array of fertilisers and also grass seeds! Note the agitator has been removed to show the hardened steel bush in place of a corrosion prone bearing.

Removable Agitator

Vogal Spreadmax 500 features this removable agitator that’s secured onto the drive shaft via a lynch pin. The purpose is to provide an easy way of removing the agitator to enable easy cleaning of the spreaders hopper base.

Heavy Duty Build

Vogal Spreadmax 500 spreaders feature a heavy duty galvanised frame with extensive gusseting and bracing. The drive shaft is supported at the wheel with a high quality greaseable bearing for long life and smooth operation.

Quality Tow Coupling

Vogal Spreadmax 500 feature a heavy-duty galvanised steel tow coupling, this ensures it has sufficient strength and durability to pull heavy loads in harsh conditions.

Gearbox Protection

Vogal spreaders feature gearbox protection. Stainless steel plates are bolted over the top and around the spinner shaft. Between the plates and gear box is an oil soaked felt washer to prevent fertiliser dust getting in the gearbox.

Adjustable Drawbar

As with other EX series spreaders, the EX500 features an adjustable drawbar to keep the spinner disc level regardless of how high the vehicle tow ball is to ensure even spreading.

Drive Line Support

The drive line on EX500 fertiliser spreaders features extra support along the drive shaft/ drive line via two fully greasable and sealed bearings, this reduces load on the gearbox.

Index & Control Box

All controls and adjustments for the EX500 spreader are located at the front in and easy to use Index and Control box. This includes a quick reference guide for spreading rates and settings along with the aperture and spinner control levers.

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Vogal EX500 Fert Spreader

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