K-Line Speedtiller - 3 Point Linkage Folding 4m-5m

The Speedtiller® by K-Line Agriculture is a high-performing dual purpose disc-tilling machine used for soil conditioning with superior penetration. It can efficiently cut, size and incorporate high levels of crop residue increasing the carbon content in your soil. Soil erosion from wind and water is drastically reduced by the Speedtiller’s excellent incorporation ability.
The Speedtiller® handles heavy residue with ease, moves the dirt of an offset, and will also work brilliantly as a speed disc making it and excellent finishing tool for levelling and one pass seedbed preparation as well.
Its ability to operate under extreme conditions – with a simple, robust and advanced design puts it in a class of its own.
Digs like a disc, finishes like a finisher
– the only true dual purpose tool!
Available in 4m & 4.5m Wide

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K-Line Speedtiller – 3 Point Linkage Folding 4m-5m

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