Greentec Piranha 10 PTO Driven Stump Grinder

Ufkes Greentec Piranha HP PTO Driven Stump Grinder

The Piranha 10 PTO driven stump grinder from Ufkes Greentec in Holland is the ultimate in tractor mounted stump grinders. With its smart design, excellent reach and extremely efficient performance it makes quick work of stumps of all sizes. In addition to this, the build quality and finish of all Ufkes Greentec machines is 2nd to none.

Simple to use.

The Piranha 10 is direct PTO drive for maximum efficiency and is easily controlled from an electronic joystick control in the tractor cab. The speed of the hydraulic control is fully variable from a dial on the controller. It also is fitted with a blade to sit on the ground for maximum rigidity and can also be used to level off ground afterwards.

Low maintenance.

The Piranha is fitted with carbide tipped fixed teeth that are extremely hardwearing giving maximum life in the toughest environments. They are quick and easy to change with a simple 2 bolt mounting system. The driveline is protected with an automatic cam-clutch on the driveshaft. In addition to this it is rated for tractors up to 400HP

Excellent Reach

The Ufkes Greentec Piranha 10 has a double arm system that gives it excellent reach side to side and up and down. As a result, it can reach up and down banks as well as being able to grind stumps that have been cut off high. In addition to this it can work well over a meter below the surface. The Piranha 10 is the most effective and versatile PTO driven stump grinder on the market.

Technical Specs

  • 1000mm grinding wheel diameter.
  • 56 Teeth
  • 3.5m Swing
  • 2450kg
  • Optional Teeth on side of wheel for clearing brush material.
  • works from 1800mm above ground to 1450mm below ground level.
  • For tractors from 150-400HP

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Greentec Piranha 10 PTO Driven Stump Grinder

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