Giltrap Slurry Tankers

Just like you, Giltrap takes great care to ensure that we don’t waste a thing.

And when it comes to farm waste, Giltrap slurry tankers are designed with top quality European components. This ensures you can rely on them day-in day-out to keep valuable nutrients on-farm. With a tank manufactured from heavy plate steel and a Battioni Pagani rotary vane vacuum pump, our spreaders are built for ultimate efficiency.

The vacuum pump used is a Battioni Pagani rotary vane type. This pump is very low maintenance, and efficiently handles the day to day duty cycles of a farm effluent spreader. The tanks are built to an exacting standard, and are individually pressure tested to twice the recommended working pressure, guaranteeing build quality and safety in the field.

Also available an an option is the Hydraulic Suspension drawbar minimising stress to the tank/drawbar and giving superior ride to the operator. The ability to change the angle of the tank by 3 degrees, to help discharge of thick slurry is also achieved using this hydraulic suspension drawbar.


  • Tandem axle
  • Replaceable bushes on walking beam axle pivots with remote greasing
  • Strong integrated chassis and drawbar
  • Internal baffle plate to prevent surging
  • Three separate filling points
  • Top and rear access points for easy cleaning
  • Brass and galvanised fittings for corrosion protection
  • Double moisture trap system
  • Epoxy paint inside the tank to reduce corrosion
  • 6mm steel plate domed ends double butt welded into the tank cylinder


  • Range of wheel sizes
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • LED taillights
  • Side nozzle
  • Auto-fill
  • Hydraulic Drawbar Supension
  • Air filter/silencer for pump
  • Mudguards
  • Rear Stone Trap
  • Electronic Control & Monitoring

So if you are looking for a slurry tanker that is easy to use and will stand the test of time contact us today to discuss the best option for your operation.

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Giltrap Slurry Tankers

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