Giltrap RS2 Trailed Bale Feeder

Giltrap RS2 Trailed Bale Feeder

Our aggressive feed chain design tears apart any type of bale, presenting a consistent windrow of feed that won’t be wasted by your stock. Coupled with a tilting platform which is raised and lowered as you drive to alter the feed rate, you can feed any type of round or sqaure bale, in heavy or light rows as you prefer.

The bale platform is the right size for every bale, and loaded with a 2 stage sequenced hydraulic loading system which gives you complete loading control. Hold the bale above the platform while you cut the plastic, net wrap or strings, and all of the bale will be placed in front of the feed chains, instead of being wasted on the ground behind you.


  • Feeds any type of round or square bale and will handle large 8ft (2.4m) square bales with a platform extension
  • The two stage hydraulic sequence-controlled bale loading system effortlessly lifts the bale, holds it in position to assist with string/wrap removal, and then places the bale in the correct position on the bale platform
  • A position indicator linked to the loading mechanism to assist the operator with lifting and carrying the second bale
  • String cleats to tie off cut bale strings
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel bale platform for durability and long life
  • High tensile bale forks for bale security. An optional third tine can be added for large square bales
  • Wide rear axle for stability (1.93m track width)
  • Minimal moving parts with all pivot points bushed and greasable
  • 3” pitch feed roller chains with 15,000lb breaking strain per chain
  • 150L string box with hinged lid
  • The feed bed swings toward the centre of the feeder when lifted. This keeps centre of gravity between the wheels for stability.
  • The controlled bale loading system allows you to hold the bale above the bed while you remove the wrap and string.
  • The jack stand stores out of the way for transport and won’t get caught by the tractor linkage arms
  • The swivel tow hitch is standard and has height adjustment to level the feeder
  • The feed bars are aggressive enough to tear apart any type of bale and present a consistent windrow of feed

The RS2 is the most versatile trailed bale feeder you can buy.

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Giltrap RS2 Trailed Bale Feeder

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